The Sarum Primer

God be in my head and in my understanding.

God be in my eyes and in my looking.

God be in my mouth and in my speaking.

God be in my head and in my thinking.

God be at my end and in my departing.

We are being saved when we learn to live in increasing participation with God. What I mean by this is that we are experiencing conscious oneness and loving union with God as a constant in all that we do both day and night. Then we will be able to increasingly fulfil the words of this ancient prayer. No longer will it be something that we try and do if we can remember but it will actually become who we are. This will then be the mind of Christ within us because we will have learnt to actually experience divinity within us all of the time.

Our understanding will be touched by divine insight.

Our looking will be seeing through the eyes of a God who loves unconditionally and eternally.

Our speaking will be softened by that same love and produce words that build up and not tear down or divide.

Our thinking will be radically changed by seeing everything from heavens perspective.

The end and departing of self will be daily and constant as we learn to die to our own self-image and are renewed in his likeness.

All of this can only come about by allowing the Holy Spirit to come upon you and the power of the Most High to overshadow you when you sit in stillness and silence. For in his presence you can lay your burdens down. In his presence you find unfailing love. In his presence is complete safety and freedom. In his presence is fullness of joy!

The Sarum Precept was first ‘published’ in 1514 as a collection of prayers by the clergy of Salisbury Cathedral.

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Learning from Advent.

Mary.  I am sure you have imagined what it must have been like to be Mary. We can read it as a very matter of fact story. Oh, an angel appeared, told her what was going to happen, quickly disappeared and then Mary sang her song called The Magnificat! I wonder what really went through Mary’s mind in the immediate days from when the angel left her until she became sure of her pregnancy.  I guess there were some pretty frightening and scary moments! Would anyone believe her, a young girl with an unknown future, and a lot of difficult questions to answer? Everything that had happened to Mary would have offended her mind and been fairly incomprehensible to someone living in that culture. Nothing made sense and she could easily guess what the religious authorities would say. But, because of her tender virgin state, and I mean her heart as much as her body she was able to recognise that God was in this moment. She chose to overcome her physical senses and religious traditions and submit to this moment. Perhaps it was her innocent healthy naivety which allowed her to recognise that God was in this moment. As a result of her choosing to submit herself to God in what was a sacred moment something divine and significant was imparted to her.  The evidence of that impartation was fully released in the subsequent weeks and would have a lasting effect.

The Shepherds and Wise Men. Here were some tough wily men who decided to come and bow themselves down before a little baby! Here was a tiny infant who seemed insignificant and without any power and presence yet these shepherds, grizzled outdoor types found themselves running to visit this child. Yes, I know that like Mary they had been visited by an angel and that can sound pretty authentic and convincing when we are reading about it after the event. However, I wonder how many angels we have walked on by because we did not recognise the moment. Then the Wise men came to sit quietly in the presence of someone most unlike a king and who had no apparent power and presence. Yet they opened their hearts to the sacredness of the moment and gave of themselves.

So, how do we respond when we come and sit in the presence of someone unseen and with no physical power and presence? What response is ours when we are faced with moments of sacredness that require a shifting from the usual religious traditions as good as they have been up to this time. Do we quietly choose to prostrate our spirits to the moment even while the mind may be confused and struggling with the pointlessness of it all? But like Mary, the Shepherds and the Wise men will we later discover that we have unexpectedly met with the King of Kings, the Sovereign of the Universe and so depart forever different to how we arrived?

Joseph. It was Joseph who also had a divine encounter and the result of this encounter was to cause him to break the religious laws that demanded he should stone Mary! I wonder what would have happened if he had chosen to obey his present teachers and religious fathers rather than being true to what he had heard from God?

In this season let us keep our spirits innocent and virgin which will allow us to see God at work in places, people and at times when many would walk on by. Let us make the time to go aside in the busyness of our day or in this season and discover a treasure which could change us forever. Let us not be so certain of our past experiences or of the future that we ignore what God is doing through events and people around us which may seem to be a ‘powerless baby’ but which could eventually change us and our world.

May you know the fullness of God’s presence in this season.

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Heaven on Earth.

Dear friends,

I have had a book published called Heaven on Earth. I have been writing this for a year or so and if you would like to have  a look at it you can see it on Amazon.  If you search for ‘Heaven on Earth by Simon Porter’ then it will come up. For some reason it has been showing as out of stock and the publisher is currently trying to get Amazon to change this mistake. If you want a copy please do not let this put you off. Just order a copy as per usual and it will be dispatched quite soon we expect. It can also be ordered from any bookshop and will be available on Kindle in a day or two.

This book is not to be rushed. If you let it, it will begin to re-programme your life. Simon allows us a glimpse into his own personal life journey, whilst at the same time casting the truth that you think you know, in a completely new light. It’s challenging and comforting at the same time, which is a combination we all need if we are really going to allow new thoughts to get into us. He weaves his insights together with those of ancient saints and of contemporary authors into a cocktail of revelation. You may read this book at the level of ideas and maybe disagree at times. Of course that’s valid, but you would be missing the point. If you allow your head to rule this book, your soul will not benefit.

Geoff Daplyn. (Author)

This book is about God, and Simon’s enthusiasm shines out in every sentence. It is an exciting book about an exciting relationship with an exciting God. It is about relationship within God (what Christians have tried to understand as the Trinity), and our relationship with God. Simon writes about a God that he knows personally, with an intensity that is personal and sometimes embarrassing. When you read this book slowly and prayerfully, you will come to understand increasingly that God loves and likes us and wants to share his life with us. You will find that you are standing on holy ground. This book will reawaken glimpses you have had of eternity, and make you want more. This book contains many new insights into familiar scriptures, distilled from a rich experience of being in his presence. This book is to be read slowly, no more than a chapter at a time, and with pauses to reflect and meditate on the God that you have read about.

Mark Reilly. (Teacher)

Simon’s writing is a reflection of the truth that he lives daily. This personal lived experience comes through beautifully and ever so humbly in his writing. While he challenges you, he leads you into a place of oneness with God. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Nick Vieira. (South Africa.)

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This New Age.

In John 20:17 we read some most astounding words. Here are words that set forth a whole new age and subsequently a completely new experience of God. Jesus said I am ascending to My Father and your Father to My God and your God. This statement tells us so much! It tells us that everything Jesus enjoyed about God we can now enjoy about God and everything God enjoyed about Jesus, God now enjoys about us! So when God says to Jesus “This is my Beloved Son, I am fully pleased with him” God is also saying that to each one of us. And when Jesus says “I and my Father are one” we are also included in that amazing union. Therefore, in the same way that we see Jesus living in the fullness of this life in the Spirit, so we are able to. Jesus came to show us what sonship is all about.

In that first statement of Jesus, He is saying that he is just the prototype, the forerunner and the first of many brethren. He is the first of many 2nd Adams who can now live as sons in full union and complete harmony with God whether we are male or female. We are of the same heritage as Jesus, the same family and living out of the same house of God. We are that prodigal son who has returned home to be given sandals, a robe, a ring of authority and a Father who says “my entire house is yours!”

If all that is true then we will be people who live with the ‘consciousness of Christ’. The days of living with the dualism of two minds has ended. Like Jesus we can live satisfied in the now seeing God in everything and experiencing it as sacred. We will “Engage ourselves with throne room realities where we are seated with Christ” and no longer live from earthly non spiritual dimensions. Paul puts it so well in 1 Cor 13. “When I was an earth child I thought like an earth child and spoke like an earth child and behaved like an earth child. Now I am heavens son I will think like heavens son, speak like heavens son, and behave like heavens son.”

It is when we embrace such Christ consciousness that we truly become Christ on earth. Literally we are his eyes and hands and feet. Jesus also said, “Take my yoke upon you —for my yoke fits perfectly and the burden I give you is light.” Being yoked to Jesus would have been a description that people in his day would have understood exactly. They would know that when two animals are perfectly yoked then they move and act as one. That is how it should be with us and Jesus when we live with Christ consciousness. Living as one, seeing as one, acting as one, rejoicing as one, weeping as one. Living from a deep place of spirit and encounter that resources all we do of every day.

The start of such a transforming lifestyle is learning to align ourselves with God who is within all of us, through quietness and stillness. Then we will accurately reflect this new age that Jesus ushered in. The following blessing will be true for each of us.

May you go out with the light of His countenance, the joy of His person, the peace of His soul, the wisdom of His spirit, the attractiveness of His love and the gentleness of His grace. Amen.

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The Majesty of Mankind

I wonder if you have you stopped to consider the majesty that is mankind. Or have you ever given proper consideration to the fact that we are created in the image of the Great Divine One? When we  fully realise who we image then we will be people of great dignity and hope within this world?

We read in Scripture that God says “I do not dwell in buildings made by hands.” Therefore, buildings designed for the worship of God however beautiful are not good enough for the Holy One to dwell in; rather he chooses to dwell in you and me! Here is a beautiful quote:-

Know to what extent the Creator has honoured you above all the rest of creation. The sky is not an image of God, nor is the moon, nor the sun, nor the beauty of the stars, nor anything of what can be seen in creation. You alone have been made in the image of the Reality that transcends all understanding and likeness of imperishable beauty, the imprint of true divinity, the recipient of beatitude, the seal of true light. There is nothing so great among beings that can be compared with your greatness. Gregory of Nyssa.

One of the first Russian Cosmonauts to spend time in space was famously quoted for saying something along the lines that he had been into the heavens but had not seen God. The poor man was looking in the wrong place! While God does fill all of space he chooses to live in the hearts of men and women and he leaves the earth and sky to be the dwelling place of the human race.

We are Gods house and just like any house owner God seeks to make his home beautiful and comfortable in a way that reflects his character and personality. Home is where we accumulate those things that are precious and valuable to us and we store up treasures to be displayed at the right time. So God will be at work within the life that is co-operating with him and will also store up spiritual treasures of inestimable worth and gifts of great value to all of mankind. Small ideas are nurtured and protected and subsequently grow into adulthood. Our bodies can be the womb of Gods inspiration where wonders of heaven can be incubated within until they are ready to come into the light of full revelation and action.

What is man that you remember him, the son of man that you look after him? You made him a little less than God and crowned him with glory and honour. (Psalm 8)

We are homes fit for a King however you may currently feel about yourself. The owner of any home will seek to make the home comfortable and suitable for his residency. We just have to co-operate with what God is doing within when he seeks for things to be cleaned up, swept away or replaced. It could be desire for something our neighbour has or unforgiveness. Maybe things like gossiping, discrimination or selfishness. It could be arrogance, certainty in our theology or just our pride. In their place God puts heavenly riches of the spirit that are precious and of great value to all. These may be things like genuine acceptance of all others, or unconditional love, discernment, humility, gentleness, hospitality or joy in seeing God in all things.

We all want our houses to be places of respite and calm from the busyness of commerce and activity around. Well, so does God! Therefore, make sure you regularly switch off from intrusive entertainment, disrupting social media and the busyness of your occupation. Allow the true meaning of Sabbath to distill through your soul bringing sweet calm. If you have not learnt to access God within, then start by learning to sit quietly in his presence until you eventually recognise his unmistakable presence within. Once found, then that mystical union can happen in an instant in any place. Remember, like any householder, God will only allow things of beauty into his house when he is certain they will not get trashed.

Finally, like any house we can be a place of banqueting where God desires to feast with us. Psalm 23 says ‘You prepare a feast for me’! Banqueting is all about showing your love and appreciation for someone. That is what God does for us! I wonder how often he has prepared a banquet for us and we have walked out before it has even started declaring that we have more important things to do at that moment.  We are Gods banqueting house where he invites us to come in and enjoy wonderful times together. So, when was the last time that you sat in genuine stillness and just allowed God to enjoy you? If you are like me your mind soon shouts out that you need to get going with things to do but your spirit whispers “stay and enjoy, stay and enjoy, there is more! Truly beautiful moments.

So, we are to be homes of rest, sustenance, joy, satisfaction and beauty that contain a wealth of treasure suitable for the greatest treasure of all who is God. Jesus was a good example of this so no wonder people liked being around him!

Please note. None of these things come about by us trying harder. That is a vicious unending circle full of disappointment. No, they come through falling ever further in love with God from deep within. Then we find that God is no longer the object of our loving but becomes the loving itself because God and we become one.




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I Am. The mystery of God present.

One of the names that God uses of himself is I Am. Now this is both his name as well as describing who he is and what he does. God is always congruent!

The name I Am is saying I am present, I am imminent, I am with you always, I am constantly active in and through you. A shorter definition could be I Am in this moment. Interestingly, that includes I Am your future and I Am your past because God knows nothing of the future or past but is eternally present. Man and not God made yesterday and will make tomorrow! You must have heard the following; today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and everything is fine! Let me expand on past and future.

You are worried about your future so God says I Am your future and as you live in me in the present then your future has to come forth because it already exists. Your future already is, even if you do not sense it but it will be found in me and I will be found in your future. Note this is not a prescriptive ‘will of God’ immovable future already decided upon by God. We are able to determine our future whether or not it lines up with what God knows is best for us.

Then God is also our past because past and future are all found in the now which is the I Am of God. Remember that however awful your past may have been at the hands of others God was right there with you in the worst of it whether you knew him or not at that time. God suffers along with all of mankind because God will not be separated from any of his children and all of mankind are his children. The point of the suffering of Jesus was to show how God also suffers at the hands of men. Even in today’s suffering through war or famine God is present and he can be I Am in that suffering. I Am is always in your present need because – I Am! I Am your comfort, your strength, your life your joy. I Am present in any short coming you feel because I Am all you require, I Am the answer to every unknown and every imponderable. I Am to every sickness and weakness.  God may be the I Am by healing you or he may become a present I Am of comfort as he wants to teach you through the sickness. God will always be what we need!

This is why Jesus could say “Don’t worry about everyday life, whether you have enough food, drink and clothes—-. Look at the birds. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him then they are. Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” Could it be that nature lives in the present and heaven and eternity starts for us when we actually learn to live with God in the present?  It is certainly a more mystical way of living which has to be good and is one patterned for us by Jesus. I read somewhere that eternity is not without time. Eternity is being present to I Am in the present moment continuously!

It is through Gods Spirit within us that I Am is made known. The more we recognise and live by our spirit engaging with Gods Spirit then the more we will recognise and be able to engage with I Am. Walking together spirit in Spirit (or is it Spirit in spirit) is how we become conscious of I Am within. That is why so many of us feel separate from I AM because we still walk predominantly by physical sight and hearing or by our thinking.

I wonder if you ‘know’ him who is I Am? That is ‘know’ as in experiencing and feeling him within constantly in every moment? He who is spirit within your body, eternity within time, almighty within weakness, riches within poverty, future within the moment, inspiration within thoughts. He is largeness within confines, infinity within finite, vision within non seeing, gentle whisper within cacophony of earthly noise, mercy within judgement, love within selfishness, fertility within barrenness and reality within worldly dualism. Such is the effect of living with I Am within. Space or distance is not present when you dwell in I Am and he dwells in you because God fills all space and there is nothing outside of God. God lives in the eternal present and the glorious now.

Imagine just sitting quietly together with someone who is all powerful, all mighty and all sufficient. Stop and think what would that be like. Now imagine sitting quietly alone with someone who is all encompassing love, all sustaining strength and overflowing grace. Consider for a moment what that would feel like. Then imagine sitting together with someone who is a faithful lover, compassionate friend and wonderful companion. Does that give you comfort? Finally, imagine sitting together with someone who says to you “You are my beautiful one.” Pause and hear God say those words to you. Now imagine walking, eating, and sitting, working, playing, crying and laughing with that presence constantly. Now perhaps you know why God is called I Am!

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Seeing the unseen.

God the Trinity is unseen, not able to be touched or felt yet is the most real and ultimate substance and person! God who is spirit and therefore invisible to us equally fills all things and is the beginning and the end of all things!

However, we see through a mirror darkly when we are discerning spirituals and do not see such reality clearly but just shadows and shapes with blurry outlines or sometimes not at all. We also can be like children who only see what is immediately before them and so play with the brightest colour or the most gratifying toy. Consequently, there needs to be a putting away of childish living where we just exist on the plane of touch, see, handle, hearing of sound or the most gratifying gift. We need the conversion of Thomas who firstly only believed in material evidence but then learnt that the spiritual was the greater reality. Nicodemus was taught about the importance of spirit as being like the wind. You cannot see it but you see its effects on the physical. Love, the strongest force in the Universe and what the Universe is based on, is another example of the unseen. Love cannot be touched or handled yet its power and effect is greater than anything material or physical. Of course the effect of love can be seen in the physical through you and me. Love is part of the realm of the spirit and as such is probably the greatest reality and consequently is hugely powerful.

The physical world is always subservient to the spiritual. The laws of the Universe like sowing and reaping or forgiveness and receiving what we speak are evidence of the reality of the spiritual dimension. In each of our lives, we need to see the physical becoming subservient to the spiritual while acknowledging that the spiritual needs the physical to express itself. Both are real and sacred but we often ignore the spiritual.

We are spiritual people created in the image of a spiritual father, God. Spirit, like love, is all around us filling all things both seen and unseen. Thus we should now be living as spiritual people seeing beyond the material world. As I have already said, we may at first only see some things dimly and fail to see the rest but as we persist in living from our spirit rather than our mind those indistinct shapes will take on a greater substance. We will see God enfleshed in creation and in other people. Some physical things will speak profoundly to us of the spiritual and our imagination will lead us to other things of spiritual substance. Dreams and visions will be an open door to spiritual manifestation and that organ within us called ‘our knower’ that surgeons or scientists have yet to discover will take on a new authority. The inner whisper will guide you into all truth and the silent hearing of the Word will be the way in which to walk. This is the inheritance of the sons of God whether male or female sons. The ability to hear and see God is the basic gift given to all his children. There is a need to go and use this ability with increasing frequency and clarity.

There is a great Gaelic tradition in the Western Isles of Scotland that is called ‘the second sight’. Men and women who naturally have what we now call supernatural insight. This is a deeper ordering of reality and the loosening of the bounds of space and time that most of us live from. One elderly lady was asked if she thought that people experience the second sight these days as much as they used to. Her reply is very telling. “No!” she harrumphed. “Because these days, everybody is too busy and too noisy.”

 In conclusion, I enjoyed the following quote which I read since starting to write the above.

The great Architect of the universe conceived and produced a being endowed with two natures, the visible and the invisible: God created the human being, bringing its body forth from the pre-existing matter which he animated with his own Spirit …. Thus in some new way a new universe was born, small and great at one and at the same time. God set this ‘hybrid’ worshipper on earth to contemplate the visible world and be initiated into the invisible; to reign over earth’s creatures and to obey orders from on high. He created a being at once earthly and heavenly, insecure and immortal, visible and invisible, halfway between greatness and nothingness, flesh and spirit at the same time….an animal en route to another native land and most mysterious of all, made to resemble God by simple submission to the divine will.

Gregory of Nazianzen. This Gregory was one of the Cappadocian Fathers, and an Archbishop of Constantinople in the 4th Century.


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Where am I living from?

Where am I going to live from today? Will it be a place of struggling to achieve and trying be acceptable to myself and others? Will I be hoping to prove myself good enough in my own eyes as well as to God? Will I be constantly comparing myself to another? Will I need to tell a better story than the one you have just told me so as to show how clever I am? No, I will never be enough! Only the life given by God as fully demonstrated on this earth by Jesus is enough. He is enough and he showed us how to live in a way that brings contentment and wholeness through union with God himself. By choosing to believe in the free gift that brings men and women into authentic relationship with God, I am now filled with an unending resource of divine Spirit. I know that God sees his own reflection in me and no longer do I choose what is evil or what is good but rather I choose to eat from the tree of life where all is sacred and eternal life is seen in all around. Now I can know that among other things I will be love, righteousness, goodness, eternal life, forgiveness and compassion to all I meet on my path. I no longer have to judge people and decide who is in and who is out. I walk knowing that I draw from the eternal (beyond this world) life of Father, and I draw from the eternal life of Christ and I draw from the eternal life of Spirit. All represent different aspects of the life of the one true eternal God who is three and all dwell within me! This is the inner spring of life that I constantly seek to live from.

This place is an environment of freedom, joy and release. It is living in uninterrupted seamless union except for when I foolishly choose to break it. Living from the experience of oneness and not a theological knowledge of oneness. It is a place where I find all of life and nature resonates with the same life of the eternal lover. His presence is now seen in every leaf, flower and even a stone. I become conscious to the closeness of his presence pressing in on me while breathing the air which is like the life giving breeze of the Spirit who fills the gap between earth’s surface and all of space above! Truly this is a mystical walk!

What wonder and delight in this free gift given to all mankind! Unearned, unmerited and no one excluded. Therefore, I need to allow my love for all mankind starting with myself and my neighbour to be the light that overcomes that darkness. It is that darkness that convinces people that they can attain their own future and righteousness without surrendering to someone greater than themselves but in reality it leaves them feeling incomplete and disappointed.

So, am I living from a place of: –

Knowing I am fully blessed.

Stillness and silence within.

Deep inner peace and security.

Assurance that I am Gods beloved.

Recognising that all of life is sacred.

Essential satisfaction with who I am.

Enjoying the authority as a son of God.

Not needing to compare myself to others.

Believing that what God says about me is true.

Not needing to judge and condemn other people.

That the real me is a spirit that is housed in a body.

Listening out for his words of wisdom and direction.

Enjoying full acceptance and unconditional love.

Instant fusion with the Divine at any moment of time.

Spiritual encounter that will confirm God and I are one.

Rejoicing in recognising God in all things around me.

Rest that I call home which is eternity or heaven on earth.

Inner reality that goes deeper than the intellect and emotions.

Knowing that God likes me and loves spending time with me.

Gladness because God is not judgemental, vindictive or angry.

Accepting all others in the same way I have been accepted by God.






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Amazingly and wonderfully made!

Whilst recently sitting quietly I heard God calling my name. Simon! Simon! I could hear joy, delight, love and deep affection in that calling of my name.

Then I sensed the fact that my spirit, soul and body is incredibly made with huge care, love and purpose. I felt that I am designed with such splendour because I contain someone of worth and value. I am built to be inhabited by the great creator and sustainer of all of life! I am fashioned to contain and express the pure majestic divine!

My spirit, the real me is designed to host the fullness of divinity. This One who we are told, cannot be contained by the whole Universe lives within me! My spirit is designed for his Spirit to fit within like a hand in a glove. Therefore, his Spirit can rest within my spirit in beautiful, unhurried symmetry and so we become locked in divine fusion. My spirit is designed with ears and eyes to hear the whisper of his Spirit and to see and recognise the activity of his spirit constantly all around me. Also, my spirit is created to express its own joy and delight back to God.

My soul is made exactly right so that I can feel and reflect the beauty, gentleness and love of the one that inhabits my spirit. And my soul is designed to express the freedom, joy and glory that also fill my spirit. Every emotion is only and particularly mine so that I can accurately express the Holy One within my spirit. And so my soul also becomes at one with the greatest lover of all eternity!

My body is made precisely for me. It has a blueprint uniquely mine because it has to reflect all that my spirit and soul uniquely contains. Another body could not accurately reflect who I am and all of God that I contain. My eyes and ears are so that I may be able to enjoy the wonder of the divine in life all around me. My hands are designed to be able to fashion things of beauty that reflect the one who is whole beauty within as well as tenderly support those who are weak. My face can smile with the fullness of such peace and beauty within which can bring life and welcome to all around me. My lips can express the voice of my spirit as it exclaims its delight in this most amazing God!

Truly I am beautifully and wonderfully made and all for the single purpose of containing the giver of all life. My body, soul and spirit is designed and crafted to communicate with the divine and with all creation including all other human beings. What an amazing treasure this jar of clay is able to hold. What glory and majesty is mine because I contain the one who is ultimate glory, majesty and love fully shared.

p.s. This is not only true of me, I am sure it is also true of you. We just need to believe it!

The Alpha and Omega,
The limitless God, the all sufficient one,
Calls you and me to live as one with him,
And thus be him on earth.

This body whether beautiful or not,
When others look and see,
Is fully beautiful to God,
And that’s enough for me.

So, filled with ‘Them’ our source and light,
We’re host to all divinity,
What privilege what wonder,
While joy and peace to all around.

So walk with them the Three in One,
Who dwell with you within,
This is no ordinary life, no simple earthly flesh,
But jars of clay filled with the sacred and divine.

                                         This mystery, this inexplicable wonder,
When flesh and blood becomes one with the divine.
Now the creator rejoices in the created,
And seeks our presence much more than we dare to hope.

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In the Presence.

As we take time to gaze at God in stillness and wonder what we see is reflected back into us so that we become what we see. So:-

In the presence of the One who is called holy, holiness is imparted because holiness comes through participation and surrender. (Holiness is living in the same image and likeness of God)

In the presence of the One who is righteous, righteousness is given and I increasingly experience the full oneness that I have with God. (Righteousness is connectivity to God as in two parties esteeming likeness in one another)

In the presence of the One who is loving kindness, love is released so that I become love to God, myself, my neighbour and all of nature.

In the presence of the One who dwells in light I am invited to explore dimensions of the same light that engulfs God.

In the presence of the One who is completely faithful, faithfulness will rise in my heart towards God and one another.

In the presence of the One who is wholly good, goodness is imparted so that I can think no harm to my neighbour or the one who makes himself my enemy.

In the presence of the One who is all knowing, knowledge of divine mysteries are released into my heart and mind.

In the presence of the One who is entirely trustworthy, all anxiety and fear fall into oblivion as I let go of them.

In the presence of the One who rejoices over me, my heart will be filled with joy despite my circumstances.

In the presence of the One who is humility, then all pride and self-seeking within me will be done away with.

In the presence of the One who fills all things, then I will learn to recognise him in all things around both people and nature, loved and unloved.

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